Interbird Co., Ltd. Successfully Enters Southeast Asian IT Market



Busan IT companies are speeding up their entry into overseas markets such as Southeast Asia based on their excellent technology.

The "Global IT Market pioneer group," which involved 27 outstanding IT companies nationwide, held export consultations in Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia from the 10th to the 17th. In Busan, six companies, including Interbird Co., Ltd., participated. Interbird Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of local buyers by showing effective SW solutions as a platform for providing marine tidal data.

These companies successfully completed a packed schedule, which included one-on-one business buyer consultations, country-specific status seminars to understand the local IT market landscape, and on-site market research for benchmarking SW convergence technologies. Despite the short duration of the trip, Busan-based companies achieved impressive results, Those companies in Busan that participated in the "Global IT Market pioneer group" plan to actively explore the Southeast Asian market by drawing positive responses there.