Interbird enters Busan AI and Data Center



On the 17th, the nation's first Busan AI Data Center held its opening ceremony, and is actively strengthening the competitiveness and technology of Busan AI companies.

The 'Busan AI Data Center' hosts several promising AI companies based in Busan, including the leading Interbird as well as several other prominent AI and data firms.

The Busan AI Data Center aims to become a hub for artificial intelligence (AI) and data industries in Busan. In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it recognizes data and AI as crucial production elements. Through the establishment of AI-related companies and active engagement in activities such as inter-company conferences and collaborative research, the center is committed to fostering the growth of AI businesses, attracting investments, and solidifying its position as the primary incubator for AI data in Busan. It aspires to be a central hub for artificial intelligence (AI) development.