Interbird draws attention as a steadily growing company



The Busan Fintech Hub is a facility established by Busan City to support fintech companies based on 4th industrial revolution technologies such as AI. The hub includes the U-Space by WeWork located at the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) and the S-Space located at the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among the tenant companies, "Interbird," which developed a semiconductor datasheet platform, is drawing attention as a company that is steadily growing in size. Interbird, which moved in in 2019, is an exporter that earns foreign currency by operating "ALLDATASHEET," a platform that collects, processes, and provides semiconductor and electronic product data around the world. It was awarded the $5 million export tower in 2021 and its sales exceeded 6 billion won last year.

Busan Fintech Hub has supported 72 companies so far this year. A city official said, "More than 70% of fintech companies are concentrated in Seoul, but Busan is supporting companies that combine various fields such as fintech, IT, AI, and big data to overcome these limitations."